{Baby Nate}

Before I get to this precious little boy, I want to thank all of you that have sent so many comforting thoughts and said prayers for my family.  It has meant the world to us!  When things like this happen it really puts everything into perspective about what is truely important in life 🙂  We are all doing ok, although sleeping at night has been a little tough.  But that will get better with time!  We just feel so incredibly blessed and lucky.

Ok now onto this beautiful baby boy!  He is just a doll!  I have been super itchy to shoot a newborn and have been buying stuff for months just waiting for one to come my way.  Poor Rob and Stephanie- I think it took two of us 3 trips to bring all of it into their home.  It was so much fun though and Nate was such a good baby!  And for first time parents Rob and Stephanie were so good with him.

I am going to be doing my sneak peeks a little different from now on.  I am going to be sharing 2 or 3 pictures for a peek and then when I get them all edited I will post more from the session I will make a longer post followed by a slideshow at the end to really showcase their shoot.

Without further ado, here is baby Nate!

I told you he was beautiful!  Isn’t this making your ovaries ache?  I love how his little piggies are poking through the wrap 🙂

And here is such a special moment with Rob and Nate.  I adore this of you two!

Thank you so much Rob and Stephanie for letting me come over and spend the morning with your family.  I am so excited to show the rest to ya’ll!


~ by toripiercy on January 31, 2010.

25 Responses to “{Baby Nate}”

  1. I love the emotion you captured in the last one and the other two so beautiful. Great job!

  2. i love these!!! love the colors you chose to work with the yellows and greens!! that last one is beautiful what a sweet moment!

  3. Oh wow Tori! I just love the classic beautiful shot with the baby scale. the parents are going to cherish these. Awesome job!!!!

    And so glad that your family is okay!

  4. Great job. I love the little babe.

  5. What a little bundle of joy! I just love the wraps; so fun!

  6. Wow!! so gorgeous. LOVE #2. and the shot with daddy is precious! beautiful work!

  7. Sweet!!! I love #2, so simple and fresh. and the one of Dad is adorable!

  8. Great job Tori! BTW, love the scale!

  9. Beautiful shots!

  10. He is so darling Tori! You did an amazing job on these!

  11. Sooo precious! Love the first one! 😉

  12. So sweet, beautiful captures. Great work!

  13. These are beautiful!!!

  14. Tori, wow what an amazing job in capturing our son at such an early age. The pictures are absolutely what we were wanting and more. I never could have dreamed that they would have turned out so wonderful. Thank you for your time.

  15. I love that scale, but the last one just captures my heart. So beautiful!

  16. Wow, these are gorgeous. Love the scale photo – too cute!

  17. Tori!!! These are beautiful!! I love them all!!

  18. Such sweet, peaceful portraits. Love the connection in the last one – Daddy’s smile says it all.

  19. Beautiful work Tori! PRECIOUS baby!

  20. These are so nice Tori

  21. Love them all but the last shot with Daddy is my fave! Cute scale too! Nice work!

  22. Amazing Tori! So beautiful!

  23. These are absolutely gorgeous! Lovely work.

  24. Beautiful images- I’m particularly in love with the first.

  25. Adorable – love them all!

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