This week has been so darn cold!  And it has made me super itchy because I haven’t been able to get out and play around with my new camera.  Plus I have been sick and I have no business out in that coldness.  So I decided to lug out my backdrop stand that has seen way more of a closet than I’ll ever care to admit.  The bad news is the only back drop I have at the moment is white and I am not a huge fan of or interested in doing high key photography at all.  But what the heck, it was better than nothing right?!?

So I grab Katie and get her dressed in her clothes.  Then, take about 5 minutes to do her hair.  She has that super fine, soft hair that is really hard to work with.  I turned on the TV for her and went to set up the stand.  I get it all set up, come out only to see her sitting in a chair with both pony tails pulled out and the head band thrown on the floor.  And I can’t find the hair bands I put in.  I don’t know about your house,  but at ours we loose those hair bands like none other!  And to find a matching pair is next to impossible! 

Just at that moment the phone rings and it was a friend I hadn’t talked to in awhile.  While we were talking I decided to “multi-task”  (using that term very loosely here) to find a set of matching hair bands, preferably brown or white.  So I am going from room to room with her feather headband in one hand while gabbing away on the phone.  My friend and I talked for a good while and I had finally found a set of matching white bands!  We get off the phone and I suddenly realize I have no earthly clue what I did with her darn headband *smacks head* 

I spend the next 20 minutes trying to find her headband.  So much for multi-tasking 😛

But I did manage to get some pictures I adore of Katie so it was all worth it to me.  Even better, the light in my kitchen made the paper more of a bone color which was a better improvement over the white 🙂   Isn’t her sweater vest adorable?  My friend Holly from Handmadebymama made it.  She has pants that match the vest too


~ by toripiercy on January 5, 2010.

8 Responses to “{Multi-tasking}”

  1. Those are beautiful! Judging from the pics, your multi-tasking kicks my multi-tasking in the butt! Nice job playing with your new ‘toy’!

  2. My daughter still has that super fine hair too!

    Such cute shots!

  3. I have already told you on ILP and SPC@ how much I love this she is just one cute child and lovely capture.

  4. She is adorable and I love the way she is dressed! great images!

  5. Loving all your photos, Tori. I’m so excited for you.


  7. Adorable little girl and I love her cute outfit! Nice shots!

  8. You do such a lovely job with your pics. I love the coloring and the overall feel to these.

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