{Happy New Year!}

Wow!  2010.  I don’t know about you, but this past year went by entirely too fast.  And a new year means my next birthday has come much quicker than I would have liked it to and is right around the corner *cringe*  

We had a great New Years Eve!  My dear friend Patty came over with her husband Mike.  It was a night of so many laughs and good times!  We had a huge tub of fireworks left over from two 4th of July’s ago.  It’s like the never ending batch of fireworks!  Those darn things have lasted us through two 4ths and 2 New Years and we were pretty liberal with them each time.  I think the humidity got to some of them because they either didn’t work or they would shoot in directions they shouldn’t have.  It was like fireworks roulette!  Note to self to pass to my husband next year: don’t buy so many fireworks on your next run to Alabama 🙂

Here are a couple fun snapshots of my kids and the fireworks.  So far from perfect but they make my heart happy!

Katie wasn’t scared of the fireworks at all, she loved them!

David’s favorites were the sparklers!  And I am not sure if they were affected by the humidity or they were just weird sparklers, but they didn’t sparkle.  The darn things just had a little ball of flame on them.  I was looking forward to shooting some cool sparkler shots but these just wouldn’t have worked.  LAME! 

The kids brought out their scooters (or scrooters as David calls them 😛 ) And had fun making a sparkler parade.  So I decided to have a little fun and got what I think is a pretty neat looking panning shot of Peyton on her scrooter

I am one of those who makes New Years resolutions every year and really try to stick to them as best as I can.  One of mine I made last year at this time was to get my photography business going and I am happy that ball is rolling!  Thank you so much to those I have shot pictures of.  Ya’ll are making so many dreams of mine come true and I am so grateful for you! I have so many great things coming up for my business and I can’t wait to share and reveal them in the next year to everyone.  I am so excited about all that will come ahead. 

And speaking of resolutions coming to fruition, another was to upgrade my camera.  I was beyond thrilled for that to happen on Dec 30th!  I swear this camera is already like my 4th child!  Here are the first shots out of it

So stay tuned because I am sure I will be shooting tons and will have lots to share!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years and I hope your next year brings you lots of joy and happiness 🙂


~ by toripiercy on January 1, 2010.

8 Responses to “{Happy New Year!}”

  1. happy new year to you. wish you all the great things this 2010.

    nice photography you got there!

  2. Beautiful share Tori! Glad I came to see if there were any blog updates!!

  3. Happy New Year Tori, you must be in Down Under with the short sleeves and shorts. Looks like a good time.

  4. I’m so happy for you that you were able to upgrade your camera! I have serious camera envy! Love those shots with it!

  5. Now that looks like alot of Fun… Cute…

  6. Tori, I think I would fully enjoy hanging with you! These shots are great! Happy New Year and WOOT WOOT for the new camera!

  7. Happy New Year Tori! Congrats on the new camera, how fun! Your first shots are absolutely beautiful…you’ll do great things with it I’m sure!

  8. GORGEOUS Tori!! I can’t wait to see the amazing things you do with the new camera! Happy New Year!

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