{Apalachicola Anniversary}

Aimee contacted me several weeks ago about taking her family’s pictures on her parent’s 28th wedding anniversary.  They had never gotten their whole family together for pictures and this was a great occaision to do it.  The weather leading up to this shoot was just awful!  It was rainy and cold every single day.  The forecast for the day of the shoot started to look promising- it was a high of 50 but SUNNY!  Aimee decided to have the shoot in Apalachicola because that’s where she was raised along with her sister Brittany and her parents had lived there throughout their 28 year marriage.  I am so glad we had the shoot there!  Every place we shot at had a special meaning for their family, whether they helped pave a sidewalk or they owned the building.  And goodness, they seemed to know every person who passed on the street!  We’d be shooting pictures and a car would drive by, stop, and you’d hear someone shout out, “Happy Anniversary!”.  It was special to see a family who truely loved their home town and the people who loved them 🙂

And this family!  Goodness they are just super sweet!  I felt like after this shoot I walked away with a whole group of new friends.  And I love that they all have their own businesses too.  Aimee’s parents have a construction company in Apalachicola.  Her husband Jodie is a graphic design artist who builds and hosts websites.  You can check out his business Freehand Media here.  Aimee’s sister Brittany owns This Little Piggy, yes that super cute consignment store located in the 23rd street Publix shopping center.  And Aimee herself is a Zumba  instructor.  Talented bunch, huh?

Now onto the pictures because I know they are dying to see them!  Did I mention it was super cold?  It was and this family were like picture pros.

Here’s Aimee and her family

I just love this one of ya’ll!  Check out those gazes!

And here are their adorable boys.  The pictures in this sequence right after involved a head lock! 

This is Brittany and her beautiful family.  You wouldn’t know it by looking at this picture but Brittany and her little boy Ben were pretty sick that day.  They were such troopers!

How cute is this couple?!?

They have the most adorable little girl, Bella!

And now for their parents, Papa and Mimi.  Here they are, celebrating 28 years of marriage.  Mimi you are one beautiful grandmother 🙂

And I had to share a silhouette of the two of you together

Here’s the whole group together!

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture such a special day for your family.  It was so great meeting ya’ll!  I hope you loved your sneak peek and I cannot wait to show ya’ll the rest 🙂


~ by toripiercy on December 7, 2009.

18 Responses to “{Apalachicola Anniversary}”

  1. you are incredibly wonderful and talented! thank you so much, tori!

  2. These are great, Tori! Love the little girl’s curly hair!

  3. Those are sooo AWESOME Tori!!! Wonderful work girl!! I know they are thrilled with these!!

  4. Tori –

    What lovely images of a beautiful family! You have such a great talent for capturing emotion and special moments!

  5. great work Tori

  6. Holy cow girl! You are seriously rocking it! And how hot are your subjects? What great looking families!

  7. I love these. Such great emotion you captured.

  8. These are absolutely beautiful! Love the location! I’m sure the family will fall in love with these images!

  9. Gorgeous with a capital “G”! The family and the photos! You did a wonderful job Tori!

  10. Totally love this session. What a beautiful family & great location.

  11. These are fantastic Tori! Love them

  12. Wow! How beautiful! I loved the colors and the casual poses! Simple gorgeous!

  13. These are absolutely gorgeous Tori! Great job!!

  14. So gorgeous! Awesome girl!

  15. Tori this is such a great session. You are fantastic!

  16. You did an awesome job. What a great way to celebarete an anniversary. I love these photos!

  17. Tori, I am a big fan of your work! These are incredible. And what’s with all that gorgeousness in that family? Nice!

  18. tori!! love these you rocked this session!! what a gorgeous family!

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