{Natalie and Italo sneak peek}

Natalie is quite possibly the best looking expecting mama I have ever seen.  And get this, she is very close to her due date with twin baby boys!  She must hide them in her ribs or something (I am sure it probably feels that way 😛 ).  Natalie and I have tons in common.  She cloth diapers her adorable little boy Italo and we are crunchy mamas in a lot of areas in our lives.  It’s great to talk to someone about bad plastics, vaccinations, and breast feeding and they don’t look you like you just grew a 3rd eyeball right in front of them.   Natalie, I hope you are feeling well and I can’t wait to meet your new little ones! 

Isn’t she the epitome of having the pregnancy glow?

Italo doesn’t really understand his mama’s belly but I love the shots I got of him with it

Look at those eyes!

Natalie, I love this one of you

Italo loved the flowers and it was sweet to see him with them

How cute is that face?

I love this!

Natalie, I hope you have enjoyed your sneak peak 🙂

~ by toripiercy on November 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “{Natalie and Italo sneak peek}”

  1. Tori, what a stunning mama! You did an awesome job! Love the last one, what a sweet moment.

  2. Tori, I absolutely love the photos! You are amazing! When and how do I order prints?

  3. Beautiful images!! I love them!!

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