{Kiddie Pool}

Some women from the church and I met up today out at St. Andrews State Park’s Kiddie Pool.  For those of ya’ll not familiar with it, it’s a beach that is right next to the inlet and is all blocked off with rocks.  The waves are so calm there and the water is swallow.  Perfect for a group of toddlers!  It’s nice for us moms too because we feel like we don’t have to watch the little ones like a hawk and can relax a bit ourselves. 

It has been super rainy lately and this morning it looked like it was going to rain again.  But we all decided to go anway and thankfully by the water it was much more clear out 🙂  The kids all had such a great time and it was great to get some adult interaction time in!

He was digging his sandy toes!

And this is my new favorite picture.  They were both so carefree and completely lost in the moment of chasing birds.  It’s the true essence of being little 🙂

~ by toripiercy on September 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “{Kiddie Pool}”

  1. Your pictures are AMAZING!!

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