{Patty and family sneak peek}

Patty and I have been friends for quite some time.  We used to work at Serenity by the Sea together when it first opened over in Sandestin.  I am so glad we live in the same area now!  Patty is one of those people that if you are grumpy before seeing her, you definitely leave in a better mood after talking to her.  She has the best smile and such a big heart!  Her family is great too.  I am so glad to see her so in love with her husband Mike.  And her little girl Faith is absolutely gorgeous! 

We’ve been talking about doing pictures for some time and we finally got around to doing them.  I am still working on them, but I wanted to share some of the favorites I have already gotten through 🙂 

Doesn’t this picture make you want to be 6 again?  I wish life was still as carefree as it was then

Faith is absolutely gorgeous! 

That is her handprint on the concrete pillar 🙂

This picture really speaks to me.  Maybe it’s because I have such a special Dad and I see how much Mike just adores Faith.  They definitely have a special bond!

I love the way Patty is looking at Mike here

And speaking of Patty and Mike, how hot is this picture?  The water was absolutely beautiful that day too!  We really lucked out because it’s not always that pretty

I hope ya’ll have enjoyed your sneak peek and like what you are seeing!  I am still going through them and will get them available for previewing shortly 🙂  I will be starting to do these sort of sessions more often so if anyone reading this is in my area and is willing to be my guinea pigs so I can build my photography portfolio in exchange for no sitting fees and super cheap prints, let me know and we’ll work out a time.

~ by toripiercy on September 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “{Patty and family sneak peek}”


    • Whew! I am so glad you love them! I have been super nervous for you to see them 🙂 I’ll send you a link with all of them within the next week. Thank you Patty for letting me take these pictures!

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