{Appendicitis sucks}

The day started like any other day, really.  We got up, ate breakfast, played awhile and then headed to the grocery store.  We came home and ate our lunch.  I got the little one’s down for a nap and ate a snack pack of Famous Amos cookies.  My stomach started to feel a bit uncomfortable like I had a gas bubble in there.  When big David got home around 4 and my stomach wasn’t easing off, I ran to the closest drug store to get some Gas-X in hopes it would calm down my stomach. 

Around 5 I headed down to the beach.  I had a photography shoot that I was super exicted about.  We had such a great time!  I could tell my stomach was bothering me a little bit but I was so focused on taking the pictures.   Unfortunately, it started to rain on us about 30 minutes in and we had to cut our time short.   I tucked my camera under my shirt and rushed to my car.  As soon as I sat down in my car, it hit me.  My stomach was killing me. 

The drive home felt like it took twice as long than it normally does.  And a little bit of nausea was kicking in too.  I got home and told David I was in quite a bit of pain and was asking him what he thought I should do.  I am not the type to run to the Dr. over a cold or anything like that.  My luck, it was something lodged in there sideways and they’d all laugh at me at the ER!  I logged onto webmd.com (corny, I know), put in my symptoms, and it told me I needed to seek medical attention.  Great. 

We don’t have much family here and with all of the kids being home, I decided it was best for me to just drive myself.  Thankfully we live only about 10 minutes from the closest hospital.  When I got there the waiting room was completely empty which was a sigh of relief.  I didn’t have to sit and wait in pain. 

They took me back immediately and I had an IV placed within 30 minutes so they could get labs.  They kept asking me if I was pregnant or if I had an UTI.   Ummmm….. no!   They administered a pelvic exam to check my ovaries but none of they didn’t seem to be in pain.  Then they started mashing on my stomach.  The left side was fine.  They started mashing the right side and I yelped in pain.  My labs came back with elevated white blood cells.  Then a surgeon came in.  He again mashed my tummy and we played 20 questions again.  He then told me he was 99% sure I had appendicitis and I needed to go have surgery.  And we needed to go NOW.

At that point I burst into tears.  Surgery.  All by myself. 

I was so scared.

I was mostly scared about the anethesia.  Several years ago, I was diagnosed with mitral and tricuspid insufficiency (the blood regurgitates in those 2 valves.  Pretty, right?).  I wasn’t sure how my heart would react to going under and let’s face it.  Losing consciousness and having people cut on you is scary stuff.  The nurses, anesthesiologist, and the surgeon were all so sweet.  They kept putting me and telling me everything would be ok.  I don’t think I have ever had such sweet nurses and Dr.s in the Er.  I am so thankful I was blessed with that when I was all by myself.  I forgot their names but I need to find out who they are so I can turn in kudos for them to be recognized. 

Before they wheeled me out the anesthesiologist put some sort of relaxer in my IV and things start getting a little blurry from there on out.  I remember being a little embarrassed being wheeled through the hospital in those ugly gowns.  I remember asking for socks once we got in the operating room because it was so cold in there.  The last thing I remember is the anesthesiologist telling me I probably wouldn’t be able to count to 20 so I started counting in my head and I don’t even think I got to 5 😛

I woke up to someone trying to put an oxygen mask on me and not wanting any part of it because my mouth and throat were so dry.  Ugh!  That was like torture and I think I asked the people in there 10 times if I could take it off.  It irritated my throat so badly and I layed there and just coughed and coughed. 

I was finally wheeled to my room and it was already after midnight.  I tried to get some sleep but between having to pee every 30 minutes to the nurses coming in for blood pressure and temperature checks it was in vain.  The nurses were impressed by how good of a pee’er I was!  I guess some people have a lot of difficulty going after surgery?  It was so tough getting in and out of bed- it hurt pretty bad.  It’s tough when your core is cut open like that.

The sweet nurse assigned to my room finally took pity on me and got me some ice chips.  When her kids were younger she cloth diapered her kids too 🙂    She also brought me a tuna fish sandwich, banana, and an apple juice since I hadn’t eaten anything since the pack of cookies 12 hours earlier.  With my throat and mouth being so dry that was the nastiest tuna fish sandwich I have ever had in my life.  Even the banana tasted gross. 

Daylight started coming and word was passing quickly through my family I had surgery.  It was sweet to get the phone calls and good wishes.  My MIL stopped by as well as my friend Tonya.  The surgeon came in to talk to me and told me my appendix had started to rupture and was looking pretty bad.  Most importanly, he told me my abs had great muscle tone and were perfectly flat!  He was impressed as I am a mother of 3.  I was psyched!  It was the highligt of my 24 hours 😛  Around 1, David came and picked me up so I could go home. 

Katie hasn’t taken things too well.  I am not able to lift her or breastfeed her and she just doesn’t understand.  She is such a Mama’s Girl and it breaks my heart to see her not handling things well.  I won’t be able to lift her for the next 2 weeks so it will be interesting to say the least.  My church has been wonderful about everything.  They are sending over meals and a morning helper from 9-12 to help me with the LO’s.  What a great blessing!  I don’t know how we would have survived without all of their amazing generosity.

And of course, what would a blog post be without pictures.  Some of these might venture into graphic so just warning you if you don’t do well with seeing stuff 🙂

This is what is originally looked like out of surgery.  My whole abdomen is swollen

There is another one of these you can’t see

And here’s what it looks like with the big patch taken off

Here are the flowers my mom and dad sent me.  Aren’t they beautiful?  If you can’t tell, my favorite color is yellow 🙂

These had a cute little lady bug

Thank you everyone for your well wishes, prayers, and good thoughts.  It all meant more to me than you’ll probably ever know 😀

~ by toripiercy on August 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “{Appendicitis sucks}”

  1. i’m so glad you are home and feeling better tori! it’s crazy how fast it all happened.

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