{Pump it Up for Faith!}

The kids were invited to Pump it Up for a birthday party for Faith.  I have known her mama for years- we worked at Serenity together 🙂  It was tons of fun and all of the kids had a great time!  They had the kids playing tag and Faith was allowed to talk on the intercom, which she was having a blast with.  Peyton loved it all, while David and Katie’s favorite was the big slide.  Katie wasn’t quite big enough to go on her own so I had to go down with her.  Those slides aren’t meant for 30 year old mamas 😛 

Beware of the pictures, Pump it Up is a super hard place to take pictures at.  They have crazy colored lightbulbs sporactically placed up above and it’s on the dim side.  So if you are wondering wtheck is going on with these, that’s why 🙂

David loved going down the slide on his belly

Katie made her own slide on one of the wedges

And tried her hardest to play like a big kid

Both of the girls liked playing with the hoola hoops

A group shot of all the kids at the party

And the beautiful birthday girl blowing out her candles 🙂

Thank you so much Faith for having us at your party!  Everyone had such a great time!

~ by toripiercy on August 29, 2009.

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