Peyton and David had school orientation today.  It was quite a long day.  David had preschool orientation from 10-12, lunch was from 12-1, and then Peyton’s orientation was 1-3. 

David has been super excited about starting preschool so he was really looking forward to seeing his classroom and playground.  As soon as the kids were allowed to go in the preschool room, it was funny to watch how quickly the room was completely ransacked!   David and Katie loved playing with the kitchen

Katie tried to eat the fruit 😀

After we visited the classroom, we headed to the preschool playground before lunch.  David and Katie fought over the little play house

But then chilled out and started doing their own things.  They both really liked the playground!

I love this picture of Peyton 🙂

After this, we headed to eat lunch and then went to Peyton’s orientation.  I didn’t get any pictures because it was way past Katie’s nap time and she was so done with it all.  Pey was really excited to see her classmates from last year and the new ones that were joining their class.  It was also fun to meet her new teachers.  We learned about the new things they were implementing for the next school year and all of the changes sounded really great.  They will be learning Latin and are teaching a new style of math modeling the way they teach it over in Singapore (they are the world leaders in math).  Hopefully, it will be a great school year!

~ by toripiercy on August 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “{Orientation}”

  1. Cute! This makes me excited for B to start preschool next year! Love Kate’s outfit, btw…where did you find it?

    • Thanks Gina! I bet B will Love preschool. I got the outfit from Twirl on Hyena Cart. But it looks like her store is inactive now 😦 I bet there is someone on Etsy that makes toddler twirl skirts in those type of fabrics. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you!

  2. Katie Bear get’s her like for fake fruit from her Aunt Sam,haha

  3. […] where my kids were also playing.  You can actually see the back of him playing with Katie in this blog post about that day!  I could tell instantly he was quite the ham.  When it was time to clean up the toys they had […]

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