{Dora Live}

Today we woke up and got ready for Dora Live!  It was great timing that the show was coming to Ft. Myers when we were already down there.  Especially since the show never makes it to where we live.  As soon as we got there, the kids were eyeing the toys and Nana bought them each a doll (Dora for Katie, Diego for David) and one of those light spin toys.  They loved them!  Here is the only picture I got of the stage.  Right after I took this I got in trouble for taking pictures

And here’s one of David at the show with his new toys.  Crappy, crappy picture- I can’t wait for a camera upgrade!

When we got out of the show, it was over cast and we were worried we were going to get rained on.  We found a Macaroni Grill and got out for lunch.  We were there for only a couple minutes when it started to downpour hard!  When it was time to eat it had already stopped raining and we headed to Target .  We could hear it raining again when we were inside but by the time we had checked out it had already stopped.  We had such great timing!

By the time we got back to our rooms, it was almost dinner tim and I didn’t take anymore pictures.  My battery was running on one bar, I forgot to bring my charger, and my dear friend Keri is coming over tomorrow with her husband Greg and her grandson so I want to make sure I have some battery power left for that.

~ by toripiercy on August 12, 2009.

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