{Don’t cry over spilled ice cream and shuffle board}

I didn’t take any pictures this morning which is rare for me!  After Katie took her nap, David and I headed down to the beach to dig with his shovel and play in the water.  We were only down there for about 5 minutes when we saw a man pushing an ice cream cart down the beach selling ice cream (talk about earning your living!).  Of course David wanted one so he ran to see his Nana for ice cream money.  We got to the cart and David picked out a snow cone type treat.  He only had it for about a minute when I captured this face

Yep, the poor snow cone was now here

He wasn’t too phased over it though, finished the tiny bit left in the paper cone, and proceeded to dig in the sand.  I love that the poor, melting treat is in these pictures 🙂

Peyton came out in the middle of all of this and was jealous David had a treat.  She ran to Nana and asked for ice cream money and chased down the ice cream cart pusher to get her one.  She had to practically scarf it down because it was so hot and was melting fast!

Katie woke up and the kids wanted to play with the shuffle board stuff since it was already out.  It was cute watching the boys- David and Luke, play because they were using it more like hockey sticks. 

A bit of a different perspective

Katie, meanwhile was having tons of fun running around on the board with a bottle of water 🙂

And Luke was playing with a pool floatie like it was a skate board.  He does BMX racing and I have a feeling in 10 years or so we’ll see him in the X games 😀  Check out those cool tats on his arms!

The boys stood still long enough for me to capture cute head shots of them. Gotta love when that happens!

We ate dinner by the pool (leftover steak that was made into fajita meat- yum!) and I caught these cute pictures of Katie

Not quite sure if this picture is working, but I thought it was a cute one of her yawning.  What do you think- do you like it?

Stephanie was there for dinner too 🙂

The kids put their swimsuits back on and we all went for a swim.  Katie was looking too cute in her swimsuit 🙂

David was playing with Shawn

And a couple of sunset shots I took at the end of the day

~ by toripiercy on August 11, 2009.

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