{Ft. Myers Beach}

We have had quite the busy summer!  There have been lots of great trips and the kids have had a blast.  We go to Ft. Myers Beach almost every summer for my mother’s time share.  It’s always the same week every year.  The place has 2 pools and is right on the beach.  What more could a kid want?? 

Today we woke up and headed to Publix.  We needed to get some groceries and the little ones needed some floaties and goggles.  We headed back to our place, got everything situated and headed out to the pool.  The kids were beyond excited!  We don’t get to play in pools very often so it’s a special treat when we do 🙂

David on the jet ski floatie Nana bought him.  My step brother Micheal was helping him, but he still wasn’t too sure.  David is such a little weenie!

Michael was playing with Katie too.  It’s so hard to believe Michael is going to be a senior this year.  He became my step brother when he was only 4 or 5 and the time has really flown by. 

Nana brought out some popscicles and Katie was in love!

Like, really in love 😛

Peyton and David were having such a good time together.  I absolutely love these pictures of them together!

Look at that face!  He was having a blast!

Lee set up an ice cream station for the kids with all sorts of toppings for them to put on their vanilla ice cream.  The kids absolutely loved it and chowed down quickly


Peyton getting her sprinkles

David getting some sprinkles too in his favorite color- blue 🙂

And Katie wondering where on earth was hers??

Right after this I met the adorable Stephanie!  One of the cutest babies I have ever seen and she is such a good baby.  I never heard a peep out of her!  How cute is this baby?!?  I probably drove her mama crazy taking all of the pictures I took of her, but it was too hard to resist the cute

Here is Stephanie’s big brother Ty who looked so much like her when he was a baby.  Although with that mask on it’s a bit hard to tell 😛

And here is their Daddy, Chuck, after he got blasted with the sunscreen by my step father Bruce (who’s in the background laughing)

Katie went down for a nap and I got the most adorable pictures of David.  I am making them their own seperate entry because the cuteness deserves it!  And this entry is already going to be way long when I get done with it.  If you are still reading this you are seriously a champ! 

After the nap I brought Katie down to the pool still in her nap clothes.  Well, that was a huge mistake.  I turned around for a second only to find her getting into the pool fully clothed!

So we headed back upstairs to change and we went swimming for awhile.  When we got done swimming and started to get dinner ready, Michael took the 2 little ones to the little play area to play

And they played on the scooter Daddy bought David right before we left.  I promise he was having a good time despite looking so zoned out in this picture

Poor Katie Bear just wasn’t quite big enough for it

But she was big enough for her little scootie poot toy I brought for her to play with.  Michael was pushing her around on it and she was loving it 🙂

Cutie pie Stephanie sat and soaked it all in

Whew!  Sorry for the picture overload!  I took a ton of pictures today and it was super hard for me to narrow them down for which ones I wanted to share and show.  I hope ya’ll enjoy looking at them!

~ by toripiercy on August 9, 2009.

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