{Last day}

Today was our last day in St. Augustine.  We took advantage of us being together to get some pictures taken.  I can only share a couple because the others I am unable to edit right still- hopefully soon though.  If you see my husband tell him I need a new computer 😀

My children wanted absolutely nothing to do with taking pictures.  We were pressed for sunlight so I gave up with a group shot of us after the first picture- it just wasn’t happening today!  Of course right as we sat down the sun popped out from a cloud and the settings I handed over to Monica weren’t right and we are a bit glowy 😛   And as soon as we started down the beach Peyton and David got soaked and so dirty!

Here’s a sneak peak of Katie.  I love this dress!

I have a couple of other sneak peaks but can’t share them yet so they don’t get swiped and printed 😛

We had a lot of fun with Silhouettes!  Everyone got a kick out of doing their poses and then checking out their picture.  Here are some of the ones we did.

Peyton jumping

Monica and Jon (and yes I spelled it right darnit! :P)

Wendy and Morgan

Peyton and David looking a bit like Stitch 🙂

Wendy swinging Morgan

Jon being goofy- I have more of these Jon that I will go through and give to you

Monica and Dylan

And this one is my personal favorite!  I want one of me with my kids like this

~ by toripiercy on July 17, 2009.

One Response to “{Last day}”

  1. These are awesome Tori!! Your so talented. Hit me up with those extra pics when you can. Hope your doing well, enjoy the rest of the summer! Tell David i said whats up. Love you – hope to see you soon.

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