{More fun in St. Augustine}

We headed back to the beach this morning for another fun day in the sun.  David was back with his trusty shovel, digging and playing.

And remember awhile back I posted an entry about our Border’s trip and him playing with the tractor book laying down?  Well, he decided the sand was a great spot too

Yesterday, we went shopping and Nana bought Katie some adorable pink Crocs.  She was super exicted and it was great seeing how excited she was to finally have Crocs that were in her size and PINK 😀   Needless to say, it’s awoken the inner shoe girl in her and she was trying on shoes today at the beach

Dylan was doing so well today!  On Monday, she really wasn’t happy on the sand but today she surprised us all and played all day out there.  Bless her heart though, she got sunscreen and sand in her eye 😦

And the kids all played and played in the water

David loved playing with Sissy

Braden and David had such a good time on Jon and Gary’s (Braden’s Dad) shoulders

Monica got this shot of the little ones playing in the water with me

And she got this one of Katie eating the sand 😛

We headed back to the the rooms when it was getting really nasty out.  And we had lots to do for our Mexican night.  Everyone got their baths and food prepared and we headed to the main house for our fiesta.  Sissy bought the kids glow bracelets and they loved them!  They also became 80’s t-shirt accessories by the end of the night

Here’s Dylan showing me her bracelet.  Look at those eyes and curls!

Her eye was still a little red from earlier today

Katie was snuggling up to her “Buce” AKA Grampy Bruce

And showing everyone her silly face 😀

At the main house there was an outside shower and all the little kids decided it would be tons of fun to go in there and have a screaming/squeeling match 😛  I love all these faces

Poor Katie didn’t know what to think

I wonder if the cake was to blame? 😛 

After our Mexican feast, we had cake and cupcakes to celebrate our July birthdays.  In the pink boxes were the yummiest cupcakes ever!  My favorite flavor was Key Lime Pie.  Goodness, I am drooling on the keyboard just thinking about those darn things!

~ by toripiercy on July 15, 2009.

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