{Don’t you laugh}

My Aunt Sam, Braden’s Oma, has a game with the kids.  She tickles them and tells them, “Don’t you laugh!”.  The kids love this game 🙂  Here’s Braden playing along with his Oma. 

And here’s a picture of Peyton and David looking cute while watching tv

Found the beach pictures from today! 😀

We headed out to the beach and it was so much fun!  The guys set up 3 large beach tents all in a row which was great for our big crew and all our gear.  They brought down games, coolers, toys, even a blow up pool for the little kids 🙂  David was smitten with a shovel Sissy had rented.  He and that shovel played non stop all day long.  Dylan, bless her heart, didn’t have such a good time today.  She isn’t a big fan of the beach so her mama held her till she was ready to go back to the main house.

Here’s Monica and Dylan

I love how Dylan is hanging onto her mama here

This one was my favorite of them ❤


The kids dug a really big hole and Peyton decided to sit in it and then they burried her. 

Monica had the great idea to give her a drink.  After all that digging and playing, she must be thirsty, right?

And how funny is this?

Here’s David with his trusty shovel



He even got Braden in the shovel action.  Poor Braden kept having a wardrobe malfunction with his shorts.  He was seriously sagging!  By this point he lost his gansta wife beater shirt 😛

And Braden and David played and played in the water.  They are such good friends 🙂

Katie Bear was having a great time on the beach!

When we got back to the main house, Monica gave the little girls a bath.  Aren’t they adorable?

And cheesy faced Katie

~ by toripiercy on July 13, 2009.

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