{Happy 4th of July!}

We woke up this morning, grabbed some breakfast, then headed to the pool to cool off since it was already so darn hot with the other moms and their little ones.  Peyton and the big guys headed to the river to play. 

David, Katie and I were playing in the pool with Crystal and J when David told me he had to go to the bathroom.  So we got out of the pool and I headed over to our seats to put down his floaty, turned around only to see him with his swim suit around his ankles and standing on the edge of the pool with a golden arch falling in the water.  People in the pool had looks of horror on their faces and couldn’t swim away fast enough!  Needless to say I was pretty mortified, but it was pretty funny too.  Where was my camera when I really needed it? 

Katie checking everything out.  She loves Capri Suns.  I think they make her feel like a big girl

J loved the water!  He had no fear of it whatsoever

G is such a cutie!  He actually would stand still to let me take pictures of him

While we were at the pool we heard about a water slide out by the front entrance.  When I think about water slides I think of those curly-que ones.  When we got there we all had a laugh because it was a redneck water slide!  They had built a hill, built a pump, and ran water to the top of the mound.  Then they made a trench in the dirt and laid down some plastic with some sand bags to keep it in place.  Despite it’s redneck look, it was a ton of fun! 

Peyton on the slide

David and Daddy going down the slide.  No one loved the slide better than David!  After this time, the next he went down all by himself.  When he got to the end he jumped up and down and gave everyone around high fives!  And that was the begining of his slide fun.  He would run up and go down all by himself.  All of us on the ground started to notice his turn was coming up pretty quickly so we kept an eye on him.  The little turkey was sneaking past everyone in line and cutting in front of everyone LOL  Then Peyton had to hold his hand in line so he was fair to everyone else.  But goodness he loved that slide!

Katie went down on my lap and seemed to like it.  The line was about 10 minutes wait time and she fell asleep in my arms the 2nd time we were waiting.  She woke up as we were going down saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa!”.  After that we sat on the golf cart and she fell asleep again. 

We headed back to the campsite to get changed into our 4th of July clothes and to get ready for the golf cart parade.  Big David took a nap because he had a headache.  The rest of us ate some watermelon before heading out.

This was Peyton’s 4th of July dress when she was about this age.  I am so thankful I saved my favorites from her wardrobe!

G munching on his watermelon


David went off with the boys and had a blast!  They went to the horse stables and were able to ride a couple.  They also threw some rocks. Hopefully, I can get those pictures from Crystal and share them- they are really cute!

Here they are before David hopped on with them and left

Here’s Katie all sad when the cart left

Peyton, Katie, and I hoped in our golf cart and started riding around in the parade which was a lot of fun!  Here’s how one of the families camping with us decorated their cart.

After the parade we decided to ride around some more.  We saw some beautiful fields and stopped to take some pictures. 

By the time we got back to the campsite Katie had completely crashed

When it got dark, we started playing with sparklers till little David burned his fingers on accident.  This isn’t a great shot but it’s the only one I took of them playing with sparklers


Later that night we headed down to the river to shoot off the fireworks we had bought in Alabama.  Katie was so tired and she threw up on me down there.  And Crystal’s J didn’t like the firework noises so we headed back early. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

~ by toripiercy on July 4, 2009.

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