{The Bat House}

This campground has one of the largest bat houses in the US so we thought it would be cool to go and check it out.  When we got there it was still pretty light out so the kids played in the big field where the house was.

Here’s what it looked like in the light

Even Lily Pippin came along.  In the face she reminds me of my childhood Maltese, Nilla

Peyton waiting for the show

I had brought along some rice crispie treats in case the kids *cough*me*cough* wanted some.  This little guy G loved them!

And J being silly with a whole mouthful of krispies

How cute are these boys together?  I love that G has krispies stuck to his face 🙂

Katie seemed to be quite the catch between those 2 boys.  Every time you turned around one of them was walking off with her, trying to hold her hand.  It was really sweet!

And then the sun started to set.  How pretty is this sky?

And then we started to watch the bat house.  We watched for a good 30 minutes while it got dark.  I was expecting a bunch of them to drop down from the house all at once and scatter in the sky but they trickled out instead.

You can vaugely see a bat above the house here

And a couple more above it

After that ended we headed back to the campsite for some dinner and headed to bed early for all the fun stuff to come tomorrow on the 4th

~ by toripiercy on July 3, 2009.

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