{Campground Fun}

The kids woke up so excited today.  There is so much to do here at this campground!  The first thing we did today was rent a golf cart.  This place is so big there’s no way to get around without one.  We realized very quickly there is a huge golf cart culture at campgrounds like this one.  People really trick them out!  Here’s one of the fancier ones we saw, complete with lights underneath, black faux fur seat covers, and an alarm system

We headed down to the Suwanne River this morning to play.  Yes, the famous Suwanne River 🙂  Please bear with me on these pictures.  I was having the hardest time in the bright sun with that black water- it was super hard to shoot at as it was really messing with my meter big time!

Katie wasn’t too sure about the river and I can’t say that  blame her LOL  And she really wasn’t digging her life jacket

Peyton and David were loving it!  There was a rope swing off the rocks and she wanted to do it but I was too scared to let her.  She’s such a daredevil!

After the River, the moms decided we wanted to go swimming in the pool.  While we were there, my cousin Monica and her 2 kids Dylan and Braden came to visit us for the day 🙂  Katie fell asleep at the pool so I wasn’t able to get any pictures because she was in my lap.  After everyone swam, we decided to go back to the campsite and grabbed a bite to eat.  Moni and I decided afterwards to take the golf cart out and go explore the campground a bit.  We came upon a park and the kids wanted out to play

Here’s all the kids when we first got there surveying the scene

They all loved the jungle gym thing

I love this picture because Braden loves his Mama so much

Katie and Dylan tried but bless their hearts they just weren’t quite big enough

And how pretty are Dylan’s curls?

I love this goofy face of hers.  It looks like she had some leftover lunch on her face

Afterwards we headed out to the horse stables.  There were several horses boarding there and the kids really enjoyed petting them

Look at how small Katie looks next to this big ole horse!

After that we got back on the golf cart and tried to find the elusive bird sanctuary for Peyton.   We tried several times to find it but never could.  We did see some wild peacocks which was pretty neat!  Monica and her kiddos left and we headed back to the pool.  Afterwards, we came back to the campsite and the kids had ice cream

I love her little tongue sticking out to scoop out a bite

Check out that lime colored smile

~ by toripiercy on July 3, 2009.

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