{Going Camping}

We headed to our campground today.  We are staying at the Spirit of the Suwanne Music Park.  Here is the website for the place we are staying at http://musicliveshere.com .  We got everything all loaded up and ready to go several days ago.  My husband David gets really antsy about stuff like this and likes to be packed days before we go.  So we were set!  Here we are pulling out of the driveway, all ready to go

It’s only about a 3 hour car ride there, but was made a ton longer by little David.  He is a horrible car rider.  He is already a bit of a whiner but goodness he was really whiney this trip!  Both of the girls were great.  Peyton played her Gameboy the whole way there and Katie slept most of the way.

Mr. Whiney right when we started our trip


Here are the girls playing Pey’s Gameboy

And Katie completely passed out but still holding onto all of her Gabba babies

Unfortunately, it rained almost the whole way there which didn’t help matters much

When we finally got to the park we were so excited!  It was so big and neat!  We got everything set up and then let the kids play.  Our family friends were in the campsite right next door and friends of theirs were camped out right across from us.  We realized very quickly that the hot commodity of the trip between little David and the boys in those families (3 other boys aged 5, 3, and almost 3) was his bike.  Every time you turned around another boy was on his bike and David learned real quick about sharing LOL

The girls decided to go inside and play with Play-Dough.

Later that night, Crystal, Carolyn, and I went out on Carolyn’s golf cart that was just outfitted with brand new speakers earlier that day.  Well we got a litte tipsy and rode all over the campground.  When her husband woke up, he found the keys in a drink, the i-pod on the ground, and somehow we ended up dropping the speakers off by the river without knowing we did so.  Thank goodness her husband was a great sport about it!  We took a bunch of pictures on Crystal’s camera so stay tuned for those pictures 🙂

~ by toripiercy on July 2, 2009.

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