{Messy Essie}

Messy Essie is one of the many nicknames Katie has.  That girl can ransack a room almost as fast as her sister Peyton could when she was little.  She loves to go through drawers and pull everything out.  I swear she can demolish a perfectly clean room in 10 minutes flat.  One of her favorite things to pull out are her diapers.  I’ll be folding clothes and will come out to a living room full of colorful diapers slung all over the coffee table. 

She even took one of Peyton’s shoes. It’s like Where’s Waldo- can you spot it? 😛

~ by toripiercy on June 22, 2009.

One Response to “{Messy Essie}”

  1. That looks like Nico’s playroom. Just think of the messes they can make together in a few weeks. LOL

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