{Potty Training v.1}

Potty Training David has been difficult to say the least.  I don’t remember it being this hard with Peyton.  Maybe it helped that she was in daycare with a bunch of other kids?  At any rate, David is starting K-3  in the fall and that August deadline to have him fully potty trained is coming up fast!  He does great with peeing- especially in the grass since Daddy taught him that cool trick.  It’s funny to see him run outside, drop trow, and then seeing the golden arch 😛   But pooping on the potty has proven to be hard with him.  As of yet he still hasn’t done that on the potty and frankly I am tired of rinsing his trainers.  He’s 3! 

Well yesterday I thought we were on a good track.  He ran outside and pooped right on the grass!  Granted it wasn’t my ideal spot for him to go, but seeing that was the first time outside of a diaper or a trainer I was stoked!  So I ran to Target and bought Diego and Lightening Mcqueen undies.   Who wants to poop in those? 

My excitement was short lived today when I was rinsing a pair of poopy Diego undies.  Sigh.

~ by toripiercy on June 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “{Potty Training v.1}”

  1. Don’t give up! Jacob was the same way. Then out of the blue, he just got it! I think boys respond better to embarrassment. I was constantly teasing Jacob that Matthew and I could use the toilet like “Big Boys” He would get so mad at that. Then he started using the toilet.

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