{Baseball and books and a purse? Oh my!}

This morning we went out for some shopping.  We finally got an Old Navy and I had scored a $50 off coupon from www.oldnavyweekly.com (they do the coupons once a week!) and Peyton had a gift certificate to Borders that was burning a hole in her pocket.  After we got our clothes, we headed to the book store.  I hadn’t been in this new Borders and we were all so excited to see the kid’s section.  It was so neat!  Katie and David quickly found books they liked and made themselves at home.  At one point David had thrown 10+ books and 5 stuffed animals into our stroller

Katie found herself a corner and looked at the books she pulled off the shelves for a good 30 minutes

I just love little baby hands with the dimples on their knuckles.  I’ll be so sad when Katie looses hers 😦

Katie adores Yo Gabba Gabba and takes Foofa with her everywhere she has been going lately.  She has the rest of the crew too but Foofa is her favorite.   It’s so cute to hear her say Foofa!


David is obsessed with anything with wheels and this tractor book was up his alley!  He made a track out of the other books and played like he was on his bedroom floor 🙂  It wasn’t busy in there at all which was great for them to sprawl out like they did


David gets obsessed with random objects each day.  One day it could be a receipt from the grocery store or the next a flashlight.  While Peyton was at her BFF Amanda’s house this afternoon David decided his obsession today would be her purse she took to Borders and he hung out with it for the rest of the day.  He even took the purse and her wallet out for a bike ride.  Now I have to tell you, there is not much else funnier than riding bikes with your son to hear him yell, “Oh no Mommy!  My purse fell!” 

The wallet going on a ride on the back


Did you catch that his shoes are on backwards?  And even though we weren’t playing in the water he was adament about wearing his wim soup (swim suit).  He’s such a goofy kid!  Well Daddy came out and saw what was going on with the purse (and had him switch his shoes) and rushed to the garage to grab the baseball gear 😛 

And darn wordpress keeps cutting the side of my horizontal pics off!  This picture looks a bit goofy with what they shaved off 😦

And the cute kiddo

~ by toripiercy on June 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “{Baseball and books and a purse? Oh my!}”

  1. Dash got obsessed with that same tractor book at the bookstore. Great pics as always, Tori!

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