{Wrestlemania and Pirate Boy}

Today was such a rainy and dreary day.  To make the indoors a little bit more fun Peyton and I thought a movie and popcorn day in the living room would be a lot of fun.  So we moved all the furniture out of the way and Peyton brought in as many pillows and blankets she could find around the house.  We turned the movie on and instead of watching, Peyton and David started wrestling like crazy!  They were having the best time.  So much for our movie!

Please excuse my pictures today.  I was feeling too lazy to go grab my speedlight so I had to crank up the ISO and my camera doesn’t handle high ISO’s well. 


And did you catch Katie Bear in the background?  While the older 2 were being silly, she decided it was a good time to go through and ransack the entertainment center.  Isn’t her cloth diaper cute?


They finally did calm down and we watched Yours, Mine, and Ours and then Katie went down for a nap.  David’s naps have been hit or miss lately and today was definitely a miss.  He disappeared for a bit and came out like this…

And yep, you guessed who drew on that super fabulous pirate moustache on his face.  That’s right, Peyton 🙂

She even drew a shark on his forearm and then handed him the markers for him to finish the job.  Thank goodness they were washable!  Ahhh…  the joys of being the little brother!

~ by toripiercy on June 4, 2009.

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