{David turns 3!}

It is so hard to believe 3 years have passed since my sweet boy came into this world.  Unfortunately, we woke up to rain and overcast skies when his big day arrived.   Not a good thing when the party is at an outside Aqua Center!  David woke up super excited, wanting to immediately put on his Wim Soup (AKA swim suit) and go to his party.  We figured as long as it wasn’t lightening outside the show must go on.  Despite it being super windy (several people lost their cake slices and a couple others became targets of the flying plates) we only had one very slight sprinkle and towards the end the sun was poking out.  Our party practically had the whole place to themselves and if you have ever been to the Aqua Center you know how crazy and packed it can be!

The cake and goodness it was so yummy! 

David was such a little water bug!   He was a big ole chicken at the water playground and only wanted to play with the water guns.  But when we put a vest on him he was scootie-pootin’ all over the place and loved jumping in off the side into the pool

The other kid’s were having a blast too!

Katie was loving the water playground area

Check out the chub hanging out 🙂

And loved getting piggy back rides from Daddy and playing with his ears


The bigger kids hung out at the diving board almost the whole time and got a kick out of me taking crazy pictures of them diving.  As you can see, this one didn’t turn out well 😛


I didn’t get many pictures of him opening his presents.  Poor Katie Bear fell off the seat eating her cake and just cried and cried, enough to make herself fall asleep.  So when it came time for him to open his presents I had her in my lap and my camera was around my neck funky so there just wasn’t much I could do. 

This picture cracks me up because it is so typical at a kid’s party.  And you know you did it too when you were little!  You’d take once quick look at your card (if that) and want to dive into your present.  The cards are more for the parents.  So while Big David is checking out the birthday card, David has no interest

He loved this set his Daddy picked out for him.  It’s a survival play kit and he keeps wanting his milk in the canteen that came with it.


He has had the best time playing with all his presents!  Nana bought him 6 Signing Time videos and they have been on a repeat loop nonstop- he loves those videos!

Thank you so much to everyone who came and celebrated with us!

~ by toripiercy on May 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “{David turns 3!}”

  1. what a great birthday!!! looks like a gorgeous day for a party!

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