{Peyton’s Great School Ending}

Peyton is incredibly bright, but we have also had our school struggles throughout the years.  It even came to point this year where I had her tested for ADHD which we discovered she has a mild form of listening ADHD (no surprise there!).  We had problems with her not getting her work done in class and then forgetting to bring it home only to have her get 22 pages behind.  Most of her math pages came back home with her little doodle drawings all in the blank borders.  She was more than capable of doing the work as she was making fabulous test grades.  As her teacher put it, she was quietly defying us and self sabatoging herself in the process.  Peyton really started pulling it together the last couple months of the school year and ended up on the Headmaster’s Honor Roll for ending the school year with straight A’s! 

Peyton’s report card with Katie artwork on it

She also got an award of excellence for Science for making a 99 in the 3rd quarter!  She also got an art award, a reading award, and was voted Most Creative by her classmates (Peyton said she also voted for herself on that award LOL).  Her Iowa testing results also came in today and surprise, surprise!  Her highest ranked section was math (no excuses now Peyton!).  She also scored in the 94th percentile among 4th graders nationwide.  Go Pey!

Even though we still had issues with Peyton this year, her behaviours and issues have gotten a lot better throughout the years.  She has really learned a lot about self control.  I am so excited to see what the next school year will bring her and I am beyond proud of her and her accomplishments this school year. 

And can you believe she is going into the 5th grade next year?  Where has the time gone?  For now, school’s out!

~ by toripiercy on May 22, 2009.

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