{Trip to the Zoo}

We were invited to the zoo for a birthday party and had such a great time!  The kids loved the show with all the cool tricks the birds could do (riding bikes and playing basketball).  And of course the animals were a huge hit!

We were sad to learn our favorite animal, Tonda the orangutan had passed away a couple months prior.  Here’s a picture of her and her BFF I took at a previous trip to the zoo.  You can read more about Tonda and her BFF at http://www.thecatzine.com/2009/03/cats-orangutan-friend-dies-at-50/

David has the most beautiful eyes!  I seriously don’t know if I have ever seen a prettier pair.

Katie says, “Roar!”

And blows you kisses


A bird driving a car!


The kids loved the show and afterwards Peyton was so psyched to have this bird sit on her.  She has been way into birds lately and studies her encyclopedia.  Anytime we are outside she loves to point and name the birds flying around.  She didn’t get this from me LOL

We loved this lion- it was like he was posing for us 🙂

And this little Monkey was David’s favorite!  He had a friend in there and they were running around like crazy playing tag and hiding in pails.  We stood at this exhibit for a good 20 minutes while David laughed at them.

Isn’t this flower beautiful??

And Peyton loved feeding the giraffe and he was happy to be fed!  We fed him 3 whole cups of feed.

Check out his tongue trying to get food!


Thank you Foreman family!  We had a great time and thank you for inviting us 🙂

~ by toripiercy on May 8, 2009.

3 Responses to “{Trip to the Zoo}”

  1. Looks like a great time! I love the picture of Peyton holding David. You’re kids are so gorgeous!

  2. The picture of Katie blowing a kiss is to die for. You HAVE to start printing pictures and giving them to us for Christmas or something.

    So you and your camera are absolutly amazing… when do I get it? Ha! Love ya girl!

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